Our Automated rework system provides precise placement of Surface Mount devices including BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, FlipChips, microBGAs and other area arrays such as BGA Sockets. Advanced SMT rework accomplished by using optimum combination of Convection and Infrared heating technologies.

Cost effective, easy to use Rework system for Surface Mount devices including BGAs, CSPs and QFNs. Star-Tool innovative package alignment provides accurate component placement. Configurable, offers residual solder removal, solder paste dispensing and software controlled soldering.

Extremely repeatable Dispensing of solder paste, adhesives, underfills and other materials. Consistent volumetric output independent of variations in pressure, syringe level and temperature. Easily integrates with automated equipment and offers material heating and cooling provisions.

Fast and easy to use, stand-alone MiniOven for BGA, CSP and area array reballing along with QFN prebumping (solder paste printing and reflow). This highly effective Convection / Infrared system includes closed-loop heating control, multi-program modes and offers an inert atmosphere.