Automatic Dispensing made easy – Precision Dispensing with the DOTLINER

August 2015. The trend towards increasingly small structures and integration of functionality in PCBs is challenging for dispensing systems.

be1f587b-f5a1-44f5-98cf-8b74c06cf6d7The MARTIN desktop dispensing robot of the DOTLINER family, popular in prototyping and small series production, has been mechanically revised. The dispensing technology and control electronics are now integrated in the device housing. The complete media transfer (pneumatic and electric) is located on the rear side of the device. Therefore, activating electronics above the appliance are no longer needed.

During the technical revision process, we integrated an autofocus USB color camera with zoom function and improved the XYZ stepper motor control. Now the axes can be positioned with up to four times higher resolution (6 µm/step). To implement the higher position resolution, drive belts are installed in the XY axes with increased pre-tension. The heated nozzle carrier allows heating of the material directly at the dispensing nozzle to up to 50°C (122°F). Thus, optimum material viscosity settings are is possible for any application. A cooling module is available as an option, for cooling the material inside the cartridge below ambient temperature.

Communication between the PC and dispensing robot takes place via a single USB cable. Now the EASY DISPENSE Pro computer software in Windows 7® look & feel is available. New features of the software include QR and barcode scan and creation, an inspection module for verification of the dispensing results. and automatic creation of job reports. To dispense structures with the DOTLINER 07 without complex teaching you can use the provided CAM DESIGNER to create dispense data from PCB layouts. All you need for this is the layout file in Gerber format.

The Dotliner 07 provides process-reliable production of solder paste dots with diameters ranging from 200µm to 800µm. SMD adhesive of comparable size can be dispensed. Regardless of whether liquid or paste-like materials are dispensed, no retrofitting of the device is required.

The Latest in Dispense

This month, Martin unveils two new dispensing solutions in the next generation CLEVER DISPENSE 06 and SMART DISPENSE 06. These industry benchmarks for manual dispensing have been further refined and improved to meet today’s technical challenges in complex electronic assembly.

Customers will benefit from the recent advances, especially for applications that demand very small and consistent volumes of solder pastes and adhesives. CLEVER DISPENSE 06 delivers increased precision and repeatability across an extremely wide range of viscosities. SMART DISPENSE 06 is now available with advanced valve technology ensuring that dispensed dots are well defined with repeatable volume.

High Tech Dispensing
MARTIN’s CLEVER DISPENSE 06 dispensing system operates with newly advanced dispensing algorithms. High speed valves enable CLEVER DISPENSE 06 to accurately and reliably produce dots and lines under 100 µm. Additionally, a wide range of optional features are available, particularly for controlling dispensing material temperature.

CLEVER DISPENSE 06 dispensing cartridges and nozzles can now be heated as well as cooled. Dispensing pressures and vacuum retract are electronically controlled, providing maximum process repeatability. CLEVER DISPENSE considers specific media characteristics such as viscosity changes due to temperature fluctuations and compensates real-time for the mixing of two-part materials. A neatly arranged Material Library contains extensive media data and is available for users to input their specific dispensing recipes. CLEVER DISPENS 06 offers practical USB or TCP/IP interfaces.

MARTIN GmbH also provides custom solutions for OEM applications, including the integration of MARTIN dispensers and automated systems. Its compact design is particularly useful when space is at a premium.

Accurate Dispensing
SMART DISPENSE 06 benefits from newly improved control algorithms developed for the CLEVER DISPENSE 06. This precise dispenser is an essential tool for manual dispensing, providing both accuracy and repeatability at a superior value. Nozzle heating and vacuum regulation are optional features. A USB port allows rapid and off-line parameter settings.