LED Rework


LEDs are well on the way to becoming the most innovative components with the fastest growth rate.

The use of these small, illuminating and energy efficient components is steadily increasing, thereby influencing electronic assemblers to seriously consider the placement, soldering and possible rework of LEDs.

MARTIN is at the forefront of technological development by offering equipment that enables the removal and replacement of even the smallest LEDs.

This process requires flawless energy management — both from below and above — using hot air. These small light emitters are typically mounted on sizeable metal clad substrates for efficient heat distribution, and they require uniform heat during rework. Despite such heavy component carriers, the heating phase should be kept as short as possible. The powerful Martin hybrid underheater is especially suited for this purpose.

In contrast to the carrier material, the active parts of the LEDs can tolerate only relatively moderate exposures to elevated temperatures. Heat discolouration of the lenses can lead to the components becoming unusable. This can be avoided by using Martin EXPERT 10.6 rework systems which combine powerful hybrid underheating, precisely controlled hot air top heating, and innovative EASY SOLDER software.

MARTIN’s rework stations easily control all important parameters to ensure reliable rework of LED arrays.

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