Process Shuttle


The Process Shuttle streamlines flux and solder paste dipping or printing, and pre-positions the smallest surface mountable devices (SMDs) for pickup. This enhancement to Martin EXPERT 10.6 rework systems was designed to increase the efficiency and quality of the work performed. Easily installed on the system’s existing Auto-Vision-Placer (AVP), (Fig 1) the Process Shuttle offers a number of features intended to increase the tool’s efficiency and streamline processes:


The µSMD Tool (Fig 2) presents the smallest components with an easy-access fixture, improving processing time. Specific sizes are engineered for optimal pre-alignment.


The Dipping Tool (Fig 3) allows solder spheres on the underside of an area-array device to be coated with a controlled, defined volume of flux or solder paste. Different depths are available to yield specific depositions.


The Printer Tool (Fig 4) allows solder paste or flux to be printed directly onto small components such as quad flat no-leads, enabling immediate placement onto a printed circuit board. Printing stencils can be easily changed to minimize process setup.


A transport slide holds the various shuttle tools, which feed diverse components to the rework process in a controlled manner.

The Process Shuttle can be retrofitted to existing Martin systems that have automated vision placement. All tools can be integrated into existing rework recipes without significant effort and additional calibration. The Process Shuttle tools do not require software programming, promoting rapid and easy setup of even the most complex rework processes.