Manual Dispenser – Smart


Manual Dispensing with Heater

SMART DISPENSE 06 are professional dispensers for manual applications requiring highest accuracy. The volumetrically operating dispensers on which the dispensing pressure and the temperature on the dispensing nozzle are set by program control, stand out for their process stability during the application from liquids to pasty materials.

The control of the dispense parameters and the compensation of viscosity changes allow reliable manual dispense of small dots and lines. Temperature insulated dispensing pens are available for all cartridge sizes to reduce the warming of the material.

The ultra-compact dispensers are controlled by the clearly-structured PC software CLEVER DISPENSE Pro. With this, dispensing recipes can be created, tested and saved at the workplace. Recipes created are uploaded on the dispenser and available to the user. All recipes are activated using a graphic display. Various authorization levels protect you from undesired program changes.


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